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October 23, 2006

Living among the history

My mother-in-law forwarded me an email that had the following 17 pictures of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I have been to the Arizona Memorial several times but do not recognize any of the shots she sent. I am planning on priting the shots out and giving them to the Chief Historian at the Memorial.

Many of the images show enemy planes still in the air, our planes and ships on fire, and unidentified structures exploding. They are very chilling for me to look at as I can easily identify specific parts of the harbor, parts that I have riden through while on a tour boat or the inbound/outbound submarines I have been attached to. The pictures represent a definitive result of what can happen if intelligence is doubted, defenses are lowered, and foreign policy is ineffective.


  1. Some of the pictures can be seen at the website for the Naval Historical Center ( Pic #13 looks like it was taken from Sub Base - the long building in the background is still there as is one of the water towers. Of course, there is a sub in the foreground.

  2. Yeah, I figured a few of them would pop up somewhere. My limited internet search for these pictures started to overwhelm me so I stopped short. Thank you for the link.