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October 6, 2006

Whoops, sorry, you don't appear to be a terrorist after all.

Can we just get one thing to work right in this GWOT, please?
Hundreds of millions of people each year are screened against the lists by Customs and Border Protection, the State Department and state and local law enforcement agencies. The lists include names of people suspected of terrorism or of possibly having links to terrorist activity.
If you happen to have the same name as an international terrorist who has been blacklisted by TSA, or the aforementioned agencies, then you will suffer, at minimum, a rather lengthy delay or, worst case, be sent to Syria for a year and tortured for no reason.

"Whoops! Our bad. Please don't sue us."

It is distressing that we are still working out kinks in our complicated system of protection erected to prevent the terrorists from gaining any ground.

The Debate Link provides an alternative to the recent detainee treatment bill passed last week and has at least given me pause to stop and reflect on that bill. I encourage you to read it here and a follow-up post here.

I think we have a long way to go before we get things figured out, at least to an extent that at least makes everyone a little less skeptical about our government policies.

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  1. Ahh...reminds me - back in '94-'96 a co-worker was married to a guy with a last-name that was coincidentally shared by some IRA thug, and when the family went travelling to England and Europe received a very "warm" welcome at a few airports...