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October 18, 2006

Traitorous lawyer gets slap on the wrist

I sent a letter to Judge Koetle, who has just appeased terrorism in the most sickening way, admonishing him to exert the maximum allowable punishment on former lawyer and scumbag Lynn Stewart. Normally, 'lawyer' and 'scumbag' are found in the same sentence but for this woman there are different circumstances.

Stewart smuggled messages from her client, a terrorist who was in jail, to his terrorist buddies. The judge said her crimes had "potentially lethal consequences" and called them "extraordinarily severe criminal conduct." He then proceeded to give her 30 months in prison, which she can appeal (while she remains a free person). Remember the old Cheech and Chong courtroom skit?
"Bailiff. Whack his pee-pee!"
Instead of getting 30 years in prison, which the prosecutors wanted, for betraying her country, Stewart gets a sentence that amounts to little more than a joke. But could we expect anything less from a Clinton appointed judge?

Judge Koetle reduced Stewart’s sentence for a few reasons. “Ms. Stewart performed a public service, not only to her clients, but to the nation," Koeltl said. By defending homegrown miscreants, cop killers and terrorists? Good one judge.
But why would Stewart defend people who use violence to spread their message?

“I don't believe in anarchist violence but in directed violence”

Hmm, that sounds really familiar. Who advocates violence to change the status quo… that’s right, terrorists!

Stewart’s attorneys brought her recent diagnoses of breast cancer to the attention of the judge citing it would be a death sentence to send her to jail for 30 years. What? She is dying any way so what relevance is it that she will die in prison?
Of course, Stewart and her ardent supporters--not to mention the far Left generally--have made an art of alleging that government measures to protect us from terrorists and terrorist supporters are unnecessary, unconstitutional, evil, or all of the above.
Meanwhile, the country she hates so much has been remarkably good to her. Stewart has carried on relatively undisturbed for years, and now that she's taken her political lawyering too far she has hardly been treated cruelly. In fact, the judge in this trial threw out an earlier indictment on the grounds that the statute was too vague, and now the government is forced to prove that she knowingly aided terrorist violence, not just that she provided material support to a terrorist group. And there's more: All of Stewart's legal fees are being paid for by the government, at taxpayer expense.
She also braggged about her acting skills as she relayed information from her client to his thugs saying, "I can get an award for it" which was translated to the Sheikh: "She is saying, Your Eminence, that she can get an award for acting (all three laugh)."

She talked tough back then but when it came to the sentencing she was reduced to her true self- a coward who threw herself at the mercy of the court just like the terrorist scum she defends. It worked and we can thank the judge who sends the message that nothing will really happen to traitors.

She asked the judge to let her live her life out
"productively, lovingly, righteously." And what did Stewart have to say after her sentencing?
As my clients say to me, 'I could do that standing on my head.'

Outside court, Stewart said she thought the sentence was "a victory for doing good work all one's life." She added: "You get time off for good behavior usually at the end of your prison term. I got it at the beginning."

You see, we fear jihadist beheadings more than the jihadists (and their supporters) fear our courts.


  1. makes ya wish for a fast moving cancer, dont it?

  2. Well, Kenneth Lay had a heart attack, Patsy Ramsey died of cancer, Jeffrey Dahlmer was killed in prison, David Koresh burned at Waco...

    Divine justice, Kharma, irony. The shitheads usually get what's coming to them.