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October 1, 2006

The Old Days

As I was rooting around the top shelf in my overloaded closet I came across my Senior Year book, not the one with all the pictures of my classmates but another one that I contains fill ins for all sorts of stuff. I started feeling nostalgic as I creep up on my 20th reunion in May of 2007.

Here is some eye opening data from page 24, Prices and Fads, filled out in May of 1987:

Gasoline per galloon: .79 unleaded; .76 regular (241% increase)
Favorite jeans: Levi’s $29.95 501’s
Album/Tape: $9.95 I wonder if anyone under the age of 20 has even heard of these?
Favorite snack: $1.05 Twinkie and IBC Root Beer
Favorite Magazine: $3.00 Air & Space Gimmie a break, Maxim hadn’t been printed yet.
Candy bar: $.45 3 Musketeers (.75 now)
Favorite burger: $1.30 McD’s Quarter Pounder (Same fat content, higher price now)
Concert tickets: $12.00 – 15.00 (Bon Jovi in Little Rock)
$75 The Eagles in Honolulu (2005)
Style haircut: $6.00 ($7.00 at the Navy Exchange today)
Large Pizza: $13.50 Not much more these days

Most embarrassing moment: While driving home I drove up along side some girls. As I was trying to catch their eye, I had succeeded but only because I was about to run them off the road. (I looked rather studly in my 1976 Chevette, or ‘Vette for short)

There are tons of stories and pictures of me with friends, and, I almost forgot, a Basketball schedule for that year- we beat our bitter rivals of Vilonia, 15-14. We pissed them off when some of our seniors went to their school and spray painted “Vilonia sucks” on their gym walls. They promptly retaliated the next weekend by spray painting their sentiments about our school and our mothers on our concession stand walls. It was quite the scandal in ’87. As we were playing the game of our lives, a few people went to the bus parking lot and pissed in their busses. Don’t mess with the Panthers, or rednecks for that matter.

I still don’t know if I want to go to my 20th reunion. So far, I have not been able to go to any of them because the Navy has prevented me from doing so, conflicting schedules and "Needs of the Navy", you know. I did get a premier membership to and have received a few emails from old classmates. Meh, I’ll see how I feel about it in April of next year.


  1. C'mon man, rock the mullet and let your inner redneck out for a night! It'll be fun

  2. My 20th was surreal and ultimately disappointing. I didn't remember a lot of people and they didn't remember me either. The parking-lot smokers hung-out together apart from the rest, the Jocks collected together to reminisce over their winning battles, the Social-Girls gathered and clucked about prestige and children - it was all the same posturing and little had changed except weight, hairline, and sagging boobs.
    I didn't go to the 30th.