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June 7, 2007

Addicting java

No, not another ode Starubucks, but rather a link to a site with a very addicting puzzle. The Navy email network is vast and carries terabytes of information (most of which is not even related to the Navy at all) to all DoD personnel. To escape from boredom or to take a "smoke break" things like this are passed around like Paris Hilton in a frat house.

The write up that came with this sounded like an urban legend- USAF pilots are required to do this hand-eye coordination puzzle for at least 2 minutes. Or what? They can't go to Iraq and bomb some backwards, 7th century mindset Muslim in Iraq?



  1. I got up to about eleven seconds before's frustrating, I blame the mouse!

  2. Yes! I found out very early that a good mouse is a must.