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June 17, 2007

Good day to be a Dad

Unlike my last post on the subject, this post is not depressing. I have been blessed with an awesome father and an equally awesome step-father whom I have never referred to by any other name that 'Dad'. Hell, even my father-in-law is cool. They have always been there with sage advice, a helping hand, and the occasional bill slipped into my hand on the down low.

I had a great day today. Being the father of 4 is a sobering experience when the phone calls and cards start rolling in. I get pampered with all my favorite foods and a day out is always on the agenda.

I had about 3 hours of WoW time with my boys then it was off to the beach. Bellows is always a great place to go- the sand is great, a good breeze is always blowing the salty air and pine scents around, and the waves are just high enough for the little ones to enjoy.

Enchiladas for dinner; my wife for desert (hopefully). It just doesn't get any better than this.


  1. I'm adding this photo to my collection of 'People at the beach with their backs to the camera' -

    We love you, Greg - and I know Mike will love when you're here and can visit with him :-)