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June 15, 2007

Just in time for Father's Day

Tyrone Vesperas, a Big Island resident, won't have much of a Father's Day this year. He will be spending it jail after killing his 14 year old son and his unborn child when he repeatedly stabbed his estranged wife in the abdomen. The teenager stepped in to save his mother and received a stab wound to his jugular. But he didn't die right away- this brave kid was able to call 911 and basically tell on his father. The police arrived at the house at 11 a.m., after the father hung up on the 911 operator, but the boy was already dead. Interestingly, he wasn't pronounced dead until after 5 p.m. Was the cornoner on a lunch break? Ironically, the family lived on Paradise Drive.

The stabbing happened last month and charges were finally filed against this human detritus yesterday. The punishment he deserves is far more severe than what the liberal judges in this panty-waste state will order. Since Hawaii law doesn't consider an unborn child a person there will probably only be one death tried in his case. Judging by this douchebag's mug shot, he looks as about remorsefull as the Unabomber. He served 12 months in Iraq in the National Guard and I suspect that this will come up in his defense- Bush derangment syndr-- err, post traumatic stress disorder.

The boys name is Tyran Vesperas and his teacher had this to say about him:
He just excelled in everything he did," said Elaine Christian, in a phone interview from Hilo, "minded his own business, never got into trouble. He was what we called our bigger kids. He was our gentle giant

You can rest in peace, Tyran, knowing that your father will probably get shanked while in prison (before a brutal ass raping) and then receive a daily ass reaming with a pineapple while he burns in Hell.

1 comment:

  1. it breaks your heart knowing something like that.

    It would have nice to be there while it was happening so I could have put a bullet in the back of his head.