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June 11, 2007

Hilton an embarassment for all women

Yes, cry for me. Your tears taste so sweet- especially after this magnificent pledge made on television the night before you were hauled off to jail for the first time.
"I did have a choice to go to a pay jail. But I declined because I feel like the media portrays me in a way that I'm not and that's why I wanted to go to county, to show that I can do it and I'm going to be treated like everyone else. I'm going to do the time, I'm going to do it the right way."

What's with all the tears? What happened to the 'strong independent whore' image we have have been force fed by every social news outlet that has nothing better to report on than Hilton's pathetic life?

Like most charlaton's, when the shit hits the fan, her true colors came out (from behind what little clothing she does wear to show off her underdeveloped body) and Hilton cried out for her mommy when the sheriff came to bring her back to jail.
It's not right!
Isn't it, though, princess? I hope all the young girls who look up to you (for some unkown reason) and the stupid-spoiled-whores in training will see precisely what happens when the money and the fame can longer shelter someone from the law. Hell, how about kharma?

Paris Hilton has dotted the eye of the feminist movement and the struggle to get men to think that women are good drivers, that women are intelligent, and that women can do something else except hang an 'Open For Business' sign over their crotch. She needs to take a cue from Anna Nichole Smith and put us out of our misery.

It seems that after 3 days in jail Hilton has found religion, admits to Barbara Walters in a phone interview on Sunday of "act[ing] dumb", and vows "Now, I would like to make a difference. ... God has given me this new chance." Excuse me while I guffaw and not take any of this seriously. A 3-day stint in the slammer is not enough to convince me her life of Schadenfreude is going to be a thing of the past. I forsee he back to her old antics and swinging from dicks like Tarzan within a month of her release.


  1. I heard that a lot of prisoners in The Joint switch to Islam...heh, put a bag over her!

  2. well i for one can hardly wait for her to get out of the slammer. who else is going to provide all the "nip slip" pictures, and the so called accidental disclosure of the shaved private bits while she's in the hoosegow? hmmmm? well???

  3. I can't see Hilton switching to anything other than a more sever nihilistic form of behavior- but she can keep a bag over her head nonetheless.

    I'm sure Lindsey Lohan and the other cum-burping gutter sluts that follow Hilton around will be able to provide plenty of shots of thier private parts. If not, I'm sure some good Photoshop pics will surface.