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December 23, 2004

The joy of Christmas shopping

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the ability to speak and understand our number system a key factor when hiring someone for a sales position?

The mildly unattractive Filipino woman who "helped" me today was really struggling with the price of the laptop I inquired about. This was after she started to walk away after she told me they didn't have any laptops on display.

Uhh hello? I'm not done yet. "Do you have any in stock?"

"Yes, this way sir."

I was directed to a desktop computer that she started to boot up. She must have noticed the "WTF?" look on my face and told me she would be right back with the price. She came back after the bootup and pointed to the image of an HP Desktop.

"We only sell refurbished laptops." She started to walk away.

"That's fine. How much is this?"

"Umm, One hundred.... forty nine..."

I'm thinking $149.00 for a laptop?? Hell yeah I want it! But then she said she had to check something.

She came back with the price on a piece of paper and said the laptop was "one, one thousand forty nine....umm... one thousand one hundred forty nine ninety nine... So, one, two. Twelve hundred dollars."

I stood there and looked at her like she had a penis growing out of her forehead. I tried not to laugh, thanked her, and left.

I hope she has a night job to cover for her inept salesmanship.

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