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December 3, 2004

Rusty Coat Hangers

You know, there are some things in life that we joke about because they are a part of our culture. When one speaks of coat hangers there is the timeless sick joke of the cheap abortion tool but the one I have always liked is the hanger used to chum up a clogged toilet.

Irony has a way of edging itself into our daily lives and 10 minutes ago I was reminded of that truth.

My 5-year old nephew has always had trouble taking a dump and after actually seeing one of his unholy creations I now know why. In a sweet and innocent voice he asked me, Uncle Greg, to come look in the bathroom. Since he spent over an hour pushing a turd out I figured that the toilet was clogged. That was an understatement.

I looked in the bowl and this behemoth of a turd was lodged halfway down the pipe. Two flushed could not loosen it up so I had to resort to the only trick I knew, short of a plunger, to dislodge the beast- the coat hanger trick.

I straightened one of my sisters unused hangers out and proceeded to snake it down the toilet. After moments the tell tale bubble came up and I knew the next flush would rid the bathroom of this gargantuous turd and its lingering aroma.


(For sanitary reasons the coat hanger was immediately thrown in the outside garbage can)

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