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January 14, 2006


My monthly letter to the editor of the Honolulu Advertiser:

Not a day goes by that a loud muffler from a motorcycle or car interrupts a television show, a conversation, or my sleep. The interruption lasts longer than just the passing by of the vehicle because car alarms usually follow. Short of shoving potatoes in the tailpipes there really isn’t much citizens can do except complain to the police, and complain I do. Nothing happens because I see the same pieces of junk drive by with the mufflers echoing through my neighborhood- 5 blocks away.

Hawaii has strict ordinances for noise offenders to include animals, construction equipment, and even boom boxes. When is the state going to get serious and start cracking down on the automotive/motorcycle noise offenders? Sadly, Hawaii’s muffler problem has gained national attention, as the state is now the butt of a Miller Lite beer commercial saluting the Hawaiian ‘Loud Muffler Guy’.

A quick Internet search showed that the Honolulu Police Department issued only 9 citations for loud mufflers in 2001. I think it is time HPD cracked down and sent a message that a piece of junk isn’t cool just because the muffler heralds its arrival 2 minutes ahead of time.


  1. When I read your magazine, I don't see one wrinkled face or single toothless grin. For shame! To the sickos at 'Modern Bride' magazine.

    Abraham Simpson

  2. Dunno about the Miller commercial that you refer to. Wanna educate me....?

    Maybe, just maybe we can discuss muffler noise and how it irritates you; a motorcycle guy!

  3. Dunno about the Miller commercial that you refer to. Wanna educate me....?

    My mistake- it is a Bud Light commercial I heard on 105.9 with the "Here's to you, Mr. Loud Muffler Guy". The beginnning of the ad has the guy saying that today we are celebrating it Hawaiian Style. Of course you probably didn't hear it becasue your muffler is too loud (couldn't resist).

    Maybe, just maybe we can discuss muffler noise and how it irritates you; a motorcycle guy!

    Although my blog covers my feelings on this subject in exhaustive detail, I would be happy to at the next SBU meeting on the first Sunday of the month!

    So, because I ride a motorcycle (with stock pipes) I'm not allowed to get irritated at a guy who has pipes that can be heard 5 blocks away and interrupt my sleep, dinner, television show, an intimate moment on my computer with a bottle of Jergens and a photo of Lucy Lu, etc?

    Come now, next you'll be telling people with multiple personaility disorders that they can't get irritated at the crazy homeless people on The Bus.

  4. You mean to tell me you get irritated by the crazy homeless guy on the bus? Common, that's entertainment! (Now I remember that commercial.)

    Granted, there are loud pipes and there are LOUD pipes. I like my bike to sound like a scoot and not a putt-putt. And I agree I don't want my bike to sound like a F-18 on take-off.

    SBU will be taking up this issue at this lsgilative session. (A All we are asking for is a fair playing field. The maximum acceptible decible level should be the same for ALL vehicles. (A bill has been introduced, again...) Oh, and by the way, for the sake of your well being, I suggest you tread lightly with this issue at an SBU meeting. Some bikkers are real tempermental when it comes to LOUD pipes. But, of course, not me. I like to listen to my stereo on my scoot.

    Of course the cops don't want to bother to enforse this. (Deciple meters an all...) That leaves it to the yearly safety inspections... Lot's of luck!