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January 23, 2006

One of the cool things about HI

As much as this place can get on my nerves I do have epiphanies as to why I have spent the last 13 years here. I went for a motorcycle ride with some friends off my boat on Sunday, nothing special or too long, just a ride across the mountains via H-3 then around the eastern part of the island followed by a cruise through Waikiki.

Although I wear my protective gear on the highway I cannot bring myself to keep it on once I get off- the salt spray in my face as I ride next to the ocean, the sun on my face, the smells of backyard BBQ's and roadside flowers are all just too overpowering to be wearing a helmet and jacket.

It was a fun trip that started with a light lunch at Dixie Grill, the usual spot for our outings. I will really miss days like that once I get back to the mainland. Here is shot of us stopped at a police pullover spot next to Waikiki Beach. No, we weren't the ones getting pulled over it was just rare that a spot is open so we took advantage of it.

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