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January 24, 2006

Local tv ads

I hvae been watching the same ad for a local kids and teen club for at least 3 years, that I can recall, however I think these same ads have probably been running longer than that. I have been meaning to write a letter to the cable company who sponsors the clubs to update their ad campaign. Here is the letter:

This message is to the advertising individuals who think the commercials for My TV and OKC are a good idea. We have been forced to watch these outdated commercials for years now and I think it is time to move on.

The MyTV commercial is an obvious and pathetic ripoff of an investment company whose commercial showed kids asking about mutual funds and IRA's in a playground. The little girl in the OKC commercial looks a Down's kid and the boy can't say "mutual funds", an obvious dig on the Hawaiian school system whether you realize it or not.

The MyTV ads are worse as they use teens, that are not doing anything but loitering, admonishing viewers to use the club because it is "cool".

Sadly, your advertising department has lost the real meaning of the word "cool" and if Fonzie were real would be beating your ad department's butts in the parking lot.

On the bright side, the clubs are a great idea and have significant merit. They teach kids about money and savings and the benefits of these ideologies. Perhaps this email is a little cruel but its length is directly related to its importance.

Please update the ads with something relevant to the product and to the target audience, not to mention those of use who have to sit through them as they cutoff meaningful ads.


  1. Down's child? Ok, now THAT was insensitive. But hey, you're an asshole, right? ;)

  2. Well, in hindsight, I should have left the ad hominem attacks out. I'm sure the Oceanic employee who my email promptly sent it to its death in the recycle bin when reading the part about the kids.

    Although that paragraph will be the focus of the email and not the actual problem with their ad campaign, I still think 'asshole' is a little harsh- insensitive, crass, callous, tacky or even being called a 'dick' would be more appropriate.