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January 18, 2006

Run down

Of all the ridiculous and obnoxious things I have witnessed from my 8th floor apartment, tonight I saw one of the most sad and reprehensible acts the local pieces of shit around could do.

An Asian couple was walking their dog, probably a Jack Russell judging by the shape of the dog. The dog was unleashed and it ran out in front of a car. The car screeched to a stop as it hit the dog. The lady ran to the dog as the car raced off down the street with the man in chase.

The man came back as the crying woman laid their dog down on the few places of grass that can be found in this neighborhood. It took about 20 minutes for the police to show up and I watched for a little while as they just stood over the grieving couple. Cops here in Hawaii don't know what to do when there is an accident so I didn't expect much to happen during this accident.

I started thinking about my two childhood dogs that were shot by a neighbor who lived next to us because they crossed his land one Sunday morning on their way back to our house after chasing our car down our dirt road. To ease our grieving, my brother and I snuck around the back of his house and shot out the window to his trailer with our BB guns.

We didn't have a fancy burial for our pets over the years as they passed away due to old age, negligent homicide, or the needs of mother nature. But around here, there isn't even a ditch to throw a dog into. I wonder what these people will do about their pet, obviously much more than just a pet to them, but a beloved member of their family.

I do believe in karma, not in the Buddhist sense of the word but the informal "what comes around goes around" ideology, and the person who ran over this dog and bolted will suffer in some small way- hopefully by sliding his speeding car into an abandoned railroad spike storage building and have a rendition of 'I've Been Working on the Railroad', literally, go through his head.


  1. The dog was unleashed and it ran out in front of a car. The car screeched to a stop as it hit the dog.

    1) the dog was UNLEASHED! DUH!!!!!

    2) the car stopped, then drove off. Not exactly the right thing to do, but.......

  2. Well, I'm sure we can all appreciate your lack sympathy in your post but, my post was not focused on leash laws just the grief the couple was having from their dog getting run over by an asshole.

    So, fuck them because they didn't have their dog leashed?

  3. YEP!!! Dumb fucks!

    Driver was an asshole too for not stopping, but not his fault. What was he going to do? Offer condolehnces and get chewed out...?

    I have a dog and at no time is he out of the house without a leash and I live in a safe gated community..

    Hey, I'm an asshole!!!!!

  4. Common courtesy would say that yes, you pull over and at least check to see if the animal is ok! DUH!

  5. Back where I come from, DJ, getting out and offering condolances is the LEAST one would do.

    Had someone clipped your motorcycle because you hadn't parked it properly and then took off I would suspect you would have a different opinion about hit and runs.

  6. Off course I would have been pissed.

    Key word here is I hadn't parked it properly..... How much of it was my fault?

  7. /throw towel

    Ok, I can see you are stuck on being a sea lawyer so I will bow out.

    My original post was not focused on leash laws nor was my response of how much of your bike accident was "your fault". It was based on respect and common courtesy.

    1. Run over someone's dog, no matter whose fault it is, be a descent human being and at least apologize.

    2. Hit someone's bike (or anything, for that matter), no matter how it is parked (or whose fault it is), and at least leave the guy a note or, if the owner is around, be a decent human and apologize face to face.

    A little role playing to emphasize my point:

    - After running over your motorcycle that was hanging out in the street, the driver of the car speeds off with his middle finger out the window:

    "Hey, fuck you buddy. Learn how to park your bike. DUUUUUUUUH!!!!"

    (screeching tires, pan out to motorcycle owner pissed off and crying over his bike)


    "Aww, man. Sorry for hitting your bike. I didn't notice before but I guess part of it was sticking out."

    More specific to msy original post:

    "Aww, man. I am so sorry for running over your pet. It is dark and I just didn't see it run out in front of me."

    This is all I'm trying to say.

  8. Ok, ok already! I'm pulling your turkey!

    I do dat! Remember, I'm an asshole!
    (But, I'm a nice guy too...........)