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January 26, 2006

The L.A. Times: Joel Stein columnist

I was talking politics, something I don't really like to do (yeah, right), with some friends and someone mentioned an article by LAT columnist Joel stein entitled "Warriors and Wussies". I did some research and finally found the article along with some blogs with some discussion. A good hub is Hugh Hewitt's blog, a radio talk show host whom I listen to on my way home from work.

The basic premise of Stein's article is that you cannot support the troops AND be against the war in Iraq. It would have been an interesting article had he stopped there but in the article he just keeps digging himself a hole.

Hewitt's blog post covers some of the highlights of Stein's article and has some good links to other blogs that covered the story. I'm really starting to be suspect of any periodical with the word "Times" in it.

Here is the link.

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