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July 3, 2006

Bay Fest 2006

I took the fam to Kaneohe Marine Corps Base yesterday to experience one day of the big weekend long event going on. We got there soon after the gates opened (noon) and stayed for about 4 hours. I usually don't like going to stuff like that because the traffic, people (the base was opened to civilians to partake), and the way the locals work in the swap meet to every single event that happens on this island pisses me off. But, we hadn't done anything in a while so I decided to 'tough it out'.

The whole afternoon was a blast. The only time I got pissed was when I spent 3 dollars trying to pop 3 baloons in a row and only shot 66.66% on all three attempts. A dude came up as I was contemplating if I should play and popped 3 ballons like it was nothing. The other time was when I paid $4 for a freakin deep friend Twinkie, a child hood favorite of mine growing up in the redneck state of Arkansas. The feeling of consumer rip off subsided as the tasty goodness of that deep fried treasure melted in my mouth. Also, a big gust of wind blew half of my powdered sugar into the face of a passerby and I got a kick out of that. We also ended up winning something the next 3 carnival games we played so 75% take home isn't bad.

There were a lot more events that caught the tail end of or missed all together but it was a good day. We did see the pizza eating contest and watched a Marine wolf down a Papa John's medium cheese pizza in just over 4 minutes. He won free pizza for a year. As we were sitting there waiting for that to happen we saw the lead guitarist for Staind warm up on the stage next to us. I like their music but if I saw this guy on the street I wouldn't have known who he was.

Here are some of the pictures from the event with related captions.

Sitting in the cockpit of a Navy helo

Posing in front of the P-3 Orion

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