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July 26, 2006

Hometown memories

I am in my hometown in central Arkansas visiting family and it seems that no matter how long I am away there are some things that never change- the Southern hospitality, deer in the backyard, and hot, muggy summers. I was looking forward to a nice 2 weeks of resting my brain and not having to worry about politics, blogging, or work- in that order.

But, something caught my eye on the Log Cabin Democrat, the local newspaper which I read despite the name, and saw 3 opinions just below the fold (Tuesday, July 25, 2006). It seems that clueless locals in Hawaii have not cornered the market on 'stupid'.

These front page opinions were varied but easily leaned to the left. They were printed inside a box that showed 3 Israeli soldiers atop a Stryker praying over the loss of their comrades.

Here are the opinions of 3 random people the paper decided to put on the front page.

Larry Thompson said:
My understanding, from what I've gathered from the news, is that Hezbollah started it. That's what the world says. Even Russia blames them. Two members of my family did tours in Iraq, and I think that we should let Israel sort it out for themselves.
Not too bad. Larry has at least read a little about what is going on, has done some research, and is a little biased based on his relatives who have served in Iraq. I wholeheartedly agree with his last statement. I like the mention of Russia; if those assholes think it is Hezbollah's fault then it really must be.

Charles Pruetzel has this to say and the liberals will have erections after the quote is finished:
For me, it's like we're going back to the 70's. I hate to see this sort of suffering and violence again. I kind of miss President Clinton; it seems like there wasn't as much violence when he was in the White House. At least there isn't a draft yet. The draft changed my life and the lives of people during Vietnam. I hate to think that our children will have to worry about it.
Wow. There is so much here to digest. Yes, Charles, let's go back to the 70's when Iran held American hostages for 444 days and we did jack shit. Let's remember back when the barracks in Beirut were bombed in 1983 and 200+ American soldiers were killed and we did jack shit about it. Fast forward to Clinton's term when the Trade Center was attacked in 1993 (6 Americans died and 1000 were injured), he had Osama's head on a platter, and he did jack shit about it.

Not as much violence in the White House? You are absolutely right. That's because Clinton was selling sleep overs in the White House to further his campaign. Not really much to care about in the world when you are getting knobbers from interns and dodging sexual harassment charges your whole presidency.

And, in typical liberal form, there is the Vietnam reference with a double whammy of the draft. The only thing missing in this guy's picture was his tinfoil hat.

And last, but not least, is Bob Kennedy who has this compelling and intelligent commentary:
I'm just basically against war. I haven't really been following the news.
That's right Bob, war hasn't really done anything except end slavery, Communism, Nazism, and Fascism. I would imagine lefty Bob would also entertain the idea that if the United States got rid of all our weapons then we wouldn't have any more war. Way to go, jackhole. Stop watching Sports Center and put on some current events.

Interestingly enough, the pro-Israel quotes were on page 8, well inside the paper, but they showed at least 4 people have a grasp of what is going on in the Middle East. I wish I could just shake my head and say, "Stupid Arkansas hillbillies", but this stupidity is spreading everywhere. I guess living on an island tends to pack in the stupid to such a high level that I forget about the rest of the United States.


  1. These are hysterical! I wish all blogs would post these things just so us bloggers can feel as smart and well-spoken as I do right now!

  2. I have noticed that even with Reuters and the AP one has to dig to find any pro-israeli views. CNN is plugging live feeds from Lebanese like crazy. Not much from Israelis.