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July 5, 2006

North Korea shows off it's shiny new missiles

North Korea's failed missile launches is all the news and the 3-5 missiles they have fueled and ready to go is making headlines world wide.

Five short range Nodong missiles, appropriately named because they are the most limp-dicked missiles I have ever seen, crashed into the Sea of Japan after being in flight less than a minute. Japan, understandably, is freakin pissed- barring a North Korean ferry from docking in Tokyo among other things- and is now pursuing more sanctions against the maniacal leader, Kim Jong Il.

Like Israel, I think we should let Japan reign fire down on its enemies. Sanctions aren't working and haven't in the past. The posterboy for "Panty Waste", Alan Colmes, was deriding the United States for not taking more interest in bilateral talks with N. Korea.

What? Every time N.K. throws a tantrum we have responded by giving them a cookie from the jar on top of the refridgerator. It hasn't worked and no amount of 'time outs' are going to get Kim Jong Il to wake up and smell the kim chee. We need to give N.K. the spanking it deserves and our Asian neighbors are more than willing to provide the switch.

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