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July 10, 2006

Palestine found cheap and readiliy available body armor

Gilad Shalit, a 19 year old Israeli soldier , was kidnapped some time ago by a group of Palestinians who have refused to give him up despite the attacks from Israel.

There was some speculation that Gilad was alive but I have my doubts. I believe he is already dead and this is why the Palestinians refuse to cooperate with Israel. Well, that and Hamas is comprised of insane sadists bent on killing their own people, including children, to push Israel into the sea.

I came across this post on Cox & Forum and the subsequent cartoon and write-up boiled my blood.

The sad thing about this cartoon is that it speaks volumes of the Palestinian’s willingness to destroy their own future. Their blind hatred of Israel is so strong that they use brainwashed children and teenagers to provide cover for the militants who continue to shoot indiscriminately at Israeli military and civilians.

Little Green Footballs has a really disturbing entry that shows some kids standing behind the AK-47 and RPG toting jihadists pointing out targets. This despicable disregard for human life is going unpunished by world leaders and underreported by mainstream media. If American soldiers were doing the same thing the U.N. would be running around like psychotic horse inside a burning barn. Yet they are abhorrently silent when Israel is continually attacked by Palestine. The U.N. doesn’t recognize these attacks on Israel as being terror related.

Real Clear Politics lends some insight as to the seemingly despondent attitude responsible nations have toward this jihadist movement against Israel.
Israel is always seen as a special exception that somehow deserves what it gets.
Other states can retaliate with impunity, brutally killing thousands of Muslim terrorists, while Israel is condemned when it takes out a few dozen.
If these human shields, a.k.a. 'strategically placed collateral damage', are killed in melee or aerial attacks then Israel should not be held responsible. Unfortunately, Israeli soldiers are dying while trying to avoid collateral damage. Carl’s blog, which is written from Jerusalem, talks about a father’s question.

Cabinet minister Yitzhak Herzog made this statement on Sunday:
"Anybody who calls this operation disproportionate has no clue about the facts on the ground. We have been attacked and bombarded for months and weeks. With all due respect to all those who criticize us, if anything of this nature would have happened in their homeland, they would have acted much worse."
I couldn't agree more.

The LA Times had a great article on the whole thing that, unfortunately, can only be accessed online with a registered membership. But here it is in the comments section on LGF. Here are some highlights.

To some Americans, Israel's unfolding military strike on the Gaza Strip in response to Shalit's kidnapping may seem like an overreaction, no less irrational than the behavior of the other side. After all, Americans may think, it's just one soldier. Four and sometimes eight times as many U.S. soldiers die in Iraq and Afghanistan each day, their deaths hardly noted.

But in Israel, the loss by death or abduction of a single soldier is an utterly devastating national event.

This is an aspect of Israel that is rarely talked about, a side not portrayed in Steven Spielberg's and Tony Kushner's cynical film, "Munich." Its source is a deeply Jewish perspective that holds that the loss of a single Jewish life is equal to that of an entire universe — the code of a people who, to this day, remember the anonymous graves of 6 million Jews, including 1 million children, killed in the Holocaust.
Robert Tracinski’s commentary The Suicide Bomb Morality contains a few gems concerning Palestinian violence.
The West's conflict with Islamic terrorism is more than a "clash of civilizations." It is, at root, a clash between two world views and two moral models, a clash much wider and more important than any political conflict.

For the great mass of Palestinians this worship of sacrifice is sincere. By rejecting every chance at peace and coexistence with Israel--breaking every truce and turning down every peace offer--they have lost everything and gained nothing. Taking the suicide bomber as their moral model, the Palestinians seek to emulate his fate: in their lust to destroy Israel, they are willing to accept the utter destruction and collapse of their own society.

Look at the horrific plight the Palestinians have chosen, and you can observe the real meaning of a culture of self-sacrifice. Look at America, by comparison, and you can see the life-affirming benevolence of a culture of rational self-interest.

Jehu, commenter on LGF, has a hard-line take on what possible outcomes for the Israel-Palestine conflict; Ringer, has some counterpoints that I think are important because they are cut from the same timber as leftist thinking and are italicized among the comments from Jehu below.

Problem: Palis and Israelis claim some of the same land.
Reality: Neither is going to leave.
Solution: Accept each other, live with each other.
Anti-Solution: One side refuses to acknowledge the right of the other side to exist, prints up their school books with hatred of the other side. Suicide bombs kids with kids.
Leftist-Solution: Make the reasonable side lay down and die, or go away, because they (you?) are cowards that are afraid of bullies...tis always been so.
My-Solution: Arm the Israelis (whom I at least like, and have some sympathy of their culture and accomplishments) to the teeth, tell them to do unto others as they have been done unto.
That solution being - kill, terrorize, maim, and destroy innocents because it's just too much of a pain in the ass to do otherwise? I always thought that Israel were the good guys and believed that doing such things was repugnant.
Most Likely Solution: A slow drip, drip of Israeli blood until the god of political correctness and its vampire acolytes (leftists) are satiated, or the Israelis run out of blood, and then enforce the Jehu Solution.
Ah, I get it: "political correctness" is the motivation of those of us who feel a little uncomfortable seeing a proud, powerful, human-rights-loving democracy engage in the same tactics that her enemies take up.

I admit that I, along with Ringer, do not have a solution that will be acceptable by everyone when it comes to solving or at least appeasing both sides of the Gaza strip. But at least Israel is willing to talk about it. Palestine continues to breed hate and indoctrinates their young to believe that blowing themselves up is a good thing. So, the Left would argue that we must all try to talk it out no matter how many people are murdered, well, Israeli people anyway, until one side gives up.

God help us all/


  1. As always, you've hit the nail directly on the head - whenever I'm confused as to how to verbalize my thoughts on a subject, I know I can visit here and you'll say what's in my mind SO clearly!!

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