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August 24, 2009

The breakdown of Obama's Health Care Plan

In a nutshell:
"H.R. 3200 is a massive reordering of America’s health care services with a heavy bias toward injecting the government’s judgment in place of doctors, installing bureaucratic control in place of patient discretion and enacting significant tax increases in hopes of stemming the deficit busting costs of the new programs."

Here is a great breakdown of the current revision of H.R. 3200, a small segment of Obamacare, by Patients First.

The full text of H.R. 3200 can be found by clicking the link.


  1. Bro...
    There's alot of people hurting out there. I know some real close that have nothing and work full time. Even if the dems pass govt single payer option it will be years to kick in for some.
    All the while insurance companies are dropping coverage to small businesses labeling them as "uninsurable" or raising rates as much as 40% to employer and employee costs for premiums.
    As you can tell I have first hand knowledge that this going on...
    As you also know it doesnt affect me because I have Retiree Tricare.
    Thank God!!
    I am a "HAVE".
    I will support the "Have Nots" not for good feelings or deeds but because its morally right. There is no way I could jump on the band wagon of insurance companies that treat people like they are insignificant play things, that can be manipulated and tossed in the trash if they want.
    Thats real man.
    Sucks seeing it happen right in front of me.
    No Ka Oi...Imua!

  2. It is definately a tough situation and, like you, I am so glad I have the retiree health plan.

    I have really had to read up on the pros and cons of a government run health care system, mainly because I didn't have to worry about it in the Navy and now, as a civilian, I work for a really good company that does provide a good health care plan.

    Perhaps tighter controls over the insurance companies rather than a full blown government takeover would help. If that were to have happened years ago with the mortgage and auto industries maybe we wouldn't be hurting as much now.

    I think that everyone should have a minimum standard of health care, the challenge is finding the right source. Looking at the problems that countries do have with socialized health care makes me think its not that great.

  3. The economy has really magnified the problem.
    We had socialized in the military but was great with support of american citizens taxes. I understand that very clearly. Now we enjoy okay health insurance at very low cost. If people knew what we pay and get I think they would have lock jaw. Im not ashamed. It was blood, sweat and tears to the end.
    I just share empathy with those around me.
    Its very clear that insurance companies need healthy competition and I think they will succeed at a lower cost with better provider coverage.
    The problem is that they wont change unless they have to. Why lower compensation when you dont have to. Why only make 100 million when you can have 250 million.
    Do I think everyone is going to be covered? No
    But families only being able to afford 500 month is better than them not able to afford 1400 month and having nothing.
    Of course, Im sure the insurance companies have a 700 month plan with a $1000 deductable.
    Its better to have something than nothing.
    It just sucks that losing your job means losing your house, your car, and your health.