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August 1, 2009

The Watchmen = great flick!

I recently saw Zach Snyder's The Watchmen while away on business in my hotel room and I really enjoyed it. Any movie that has me Googling its content is worth mentioning. I never read the 12 issue comic that came out in 1986-87, another graphic novel like the movie 300, but now I am very curious to find them. There is only so much they can reveal in a movie.

I was especially interested in Rorschach and I wanted to find out the significance behind his changing ink blot mask. I felt like a retard when I read the description and my undergrad days came flooding back to me. If you do not recognize the name, a German psychololgist name Hermann Rorschach came up with ink blot tests as a form of psychological evaluation. After reading the lore behind Rorschack I immediately tried to find a description of all the characters. I think Snyder did a fantastic job capturing my attention in the movie and an even better job weaving all the characters together- even the people in the movie whom you never see.

Interesting to me was the fact that there was only one real Watchman that had any type of superpowers. The rest were just vigilanties, kind of like Batman, who had extreme human physcial strength, intuition, cleverness and dexterity. Of course if you have already seen the movie then this is all falls into the "Yeah, no shit. Tell me something I don't know" category.

I watched the movie a second time on my computer and found a very interesting parallel between Rorchach and Dr. Manhattan. I recall the scene in the prison where Rorschach threw a pan of hot grease on an inmates face. The guards came to restrain Rorschach and he yells to the rest of the inmates, "None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me." (I love that guy). I found a similar position with Dr. Manhattan as he exiles himself to Mars. In essence, he has left the Earth to its perils as if everyone has been locked up together and at each other's mercy. Or perhaps I totally missed that one.

Anyway, totally great flick and one that I will happily pay for.


  1. DC has the entire series in a graphic novel, 19.99 american dollars

    BTW, the movie for the most part followed the graphic novel.


  2. Definitely pick up the graphic novel. It's quite a worthwhile piece of literature, and I do mean that. I was actually quite nervous about them turning it into a movie, but overall a pretty decent job was done.

  3. Well, I appreciate the feedback and I will be picking this novel up very soon. In fact, it will be my first graphic novel that I have purchased, even holding off on buying the novel of the greatest manly movie ever from a graphic novel- 300!

    Thanks for dropping by and reading my pseudo movie critic ramblings.