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August 17, 2009

Tiger Woods bitch slapped

It had to happen sooner or later, Tiger's impresssive record run at winning the PGA Championships came to a halt today. South Korea is shitting in their collective pants as Y.E. Yang becomes the new rock star for the country. I'm sure Kim Jong Il is pissed at the win because South Korea is in the spotlight. Asshole.

Yang finished 3 strokes ahead of Tiger and made some incredible shots. Tiger's biggest chokes were on the green. His short game sucked today and it cost him.

This is where the Tiger Woods fans lash out:

"Lets see you do any better"
"He's famous and has a hot wife and millions of dollars and you're a douche"

Yeah, yeah. While that may true, he still got his ass kicked and, just like the MOnday Morning Quarterbacks, I am chiming in. It is not the end of an era, but it is definately on the top of the "Holy Shit, how the hell did that happen?" short list. Kind of like the United States kicking Russia's ass in the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

Do not fret, golf lovers. I'm sure this is just a temporary setback, kind of like Kevin Costner's in Tin Cup. I would love to see Tiger wearing that putting head piece. We will continue to buy Nike and bask in the glory that is Tiger. We have to, he's the whitest black guy to ever kick ass at golf.

What they are thinking:

Tiger: "Fuuuuuuck. My dad's gonna kill me."
Yang: "Yeah, suck it. Suck it dry."

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