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August 22, 2009

What the fuck, Scotland?

Old news by now, but I have been out of the country on business and just didn't have time to comment on the recent release of "Abdel Basset Mohamed al-Megrahi, the only individual convicted in the 1988 bombing of Pan American World Airways Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland." When this disaster happened I was just into my first year in the Navy, and had just met my first boat in Guam when a briefcase bomb carried by a Muslim extremist asshole exploded killing all on board and about a dozen people in a small Scottish town where it cashed. 189 Americans were on that flight.

The Muslim asshat, Megrahi, was released purely on grounds of sympathy. He has prostate cancer and is about to die in less than 3 months so the Scottish Executive let him go. He was recieved in Tripoli with chants of joy amidst a hero's welcome from local Libyans.

Way to go, Scotland. Way to rub shit in the faces of the family members of the near 300 victims of Flight 103. As far as I'm concerned, Megrahi should have died in prison of his prostate cancer in a lonely cell with nobody around except the sicko who has a fetish for necrophilia.

But now it looks like it wasn't really Scotland, appearing as a pariah to the rest of the world, who was really responsible for the release of Megrahi. It goes far deeper into the world of foreign governments and shady deals, and at the bottom of the barrel is the real reason that anyone has anything to do with the Middle East- oil. It appears that Scotland was strong armed into the release so that the UK and the US would have access to Libya's oil and gas fields.
Read about it here I was very disappointed to read Tony Blair's name.

This is what happens when you cave in to a Muslim population that has overtaken your country and demands that the world conform to their sick, antiquated ideologies. Europe is paying a heavy price for their dhimmitude. The Obama administration has publicly condemned the release but I would imagine the only reason Obama is talking about it all is to save his Islamic ass from mutiny. He didn't seem too upset about it when I caught his comments at Denver International Airport. He showed more feeling at the press conference when he called the Cambridge Police Department stupid.

He looks real chummy with fellow terrorist supporter and Muslim asshole Khadafi when they met on Thursday. Yeah, you can really see the outrage in Obama's eyes that fellow Muslim terrorist is coming home to Libya.

No fucking way would G.W. Bush be seen with this asshole and shaking hands under these circumstances. Khadafi is probably sighing a long wind of relief that Obama is in office. Bush scared the fuck out of him so much that he voluntarily relinquished his WMD's. I'm sure he is in the process of finding replacements. Most people are not afraid of getting an Obama creme puff thrown in their direction. Especially not the Muslims.


  1. Yeah, it was a shitty way to treat the surviving families. It was like bam!!! He's released. Done.
    No warning. Or good reason.
    But bro, I dont think Obama had any say in it. Briton did this on their own. Did they do it under pressure from oil companies? and Libyan oil companies? probably. Oil companies have no nationality or honor they just pursue the gold, black gold.
    This comment "It goes far deeper into the world of foreign governments and shady deals, and at the bottom of the barrel is the real reason that anyone has anything to do with the Middle East-oil."
    You maybe right but if you are then how does that apply to Iraq?
    Makes me think.
    Adios ping jockey

  2. I agree completely with your comment about Obama having no say in the matter. It was a behind the scenes deal with Tony Blair et al.

    I was merely pointing out the lack of any serious resolve on Obama's part to really let the world know how messed up the release really was. It reminded me of the scene from A Few Good Men when Demi Moore was showing her disdain of the Jedges's decision.

    Sam Weinberg: "I strenuously object?" Is that how it's done? Hm? "Objection, your Honor!" "Overruled" "No, no. I STRENUOUSLY object." "Oh! You strenuously object. Then I'll take some time and reconsider."

  3. As far as oil being am otivation to enter Iraq, I don't think we will know the answer to that one. I would be naieve to think that it didn't have a little to do with our presence there, but I would think that toppling a murderous despot would have been the real reason- oil just being a benny.

  4. Dude that whole region is full of despots/dictators.
    Was saddam the worst? yeah..maybe but more importantly weakened.
    I ve been to jordan and its like you can have this shit....third world stuff...didnt impress me.
    We have to conquer some good shit like Bahamas or Fiji.
    If someone in high up govt thought, "Hey lets install a democracy in Iraq."
    If I was there PO1 Tony P would have said " Your fuckin crazy, Shut the hell up." 'Those people like that shit'.
    Also bro....the male guys there have gay tendencies......long story

  5. Yeah, they don't call them 3rd world for nothing. There will always be some despotic asshole in that part of the world; the problem is that not only are they despotic, but also bat shit crazy.

    I had heard the men in that region are prone to tapping each other's asses- Mohammed must have a loop hole for that sort of thing. I guess Catholic Priests do have something in common with Muslims after all.

    Remember this post? :D