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November 2, 2004

Geevum awready

After all, Clinton had good intentions, right?

So I just watched my wife go into the polls and cast her vote; something I have not been able to do in person for the last 4 presidential elections. As a resident of Florida, yes, I know, I have only been able to do absentee ballots. I have no idea where my ballot ended up and I don’t think I want to.

It was inspiring to see people actually making a line at the Aliamanu Middle School to vote since only 39% of the registered voters even bothered to get their asses out and vote for the Primary this year. Less than 22% of voters between 22 and 30 even bothered to vote in that same election. Source
Sad, sad, state of affairs for this island state. It truly is the minority that picks the leaders of Hawaii. I call it apathy, some call it laziness, but whatever the reason Hawaii just doesn’t get out to vote. It is a Democrat state for the most part even though last election Linda Lingle (Rep) won the race for Governor. I guess even the apathetic voters got off their asses to vote out the last crooked Governor.

There are over 300,000 military on this island and I would venture to say the election outcomes would be very different if the military that are registered in other states actually voted here. I don’t want to pay the state of Hawaii any state tax so I keep my Florida status. Maybe if I had kids in school out here it would be different and I would register here. The majority of the military, in my opinion, is pro-Bush and I know that it would be reflected in the polls.

The future of America is their hands. And that guy’s pants are seriously up his ass.

So I am not going to jump up on a stump and harp about the dangers of voting for either candidate. It is pretty much over now. Anyone who is still undecided at this point should be horsewhipped and have his or her registration card burned. They obviously don’t have the mental capacity to make an intelligent choice anyway if they just can’t figure out who to vote for at this point in the game.

Here is an interesting article in the local paper about the voting situation here. People are just freakin clueless: Source

“I’ll vote for Bush because I hear my parents talk about him”. Great, let your parents think for you.

“I’ll vote for Kerry because I don’t ‘like’ Bush”. That’s a great political stance to have. She must have some pretty deep political precepts to come up with that observational analysis.

“I don’t vote because it doesn’t matter”. What an assclown. Tell that to the people who win their states by less than 400 votes.

I believe there is another thing that keeps people from voting here and that is the time difference we have from the West Coast. A few days ago we shifted 2 hours behind CA. That is 5 hours behind the East Coast now and when news stations start reporting premature victories I think that influences the people here to not go out and vote thinking the other guy already won. People here look for an excuse not to get off their asses anyway so this is a great reason for them to stay put.

Something else that kind of bothered me was that I read the instructions and criteria for voting here in Hawaii and they were written in English, Japanese, and Tagalog. Now if someone can’t even read English names to vote on then why are he or she even voting in the first place? It really makes me wonder how much they know about the candidates.

“I tink Kewwy look stupid. Too much Botox. I vote Bush”.

But then again, nothing says you have to know the official language of this great country to live, work, and vote here. I guess if I was living in Japan and didn’t know Japanese I would not expect anyone to dumb down their language skills so the stupid American who can’t even understand the candidates when they speak would be able to read the names on the ballot.

“Hmm, this guy has the last name of a motorcycle I used to ride. I’ll vote for him”

Oh well, there really isn’t much any of us can do now except wait and see who will be the next 4 year piƱata.

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