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November 16, 2004

Kickin that ass

So, let me rehash the things that absolutely and consistently kick people's asses out here in Hawaii:

1) Driving.
For a state with so much "aloha" you would never know it when driving on the streets and highways. This item can take up much space on a blog and deserves its own post.

2) Talking intelligently.
Not all people talk like unintelligable simeans but I do refer you to my post concerning pidgen speak.

3) Planning.
See my post of just one example this state government failed to plan and planned to fail on- the 5 cent deposit.

4) Wind.
Yes wind. The last 3 days the winds have reached 30+ mph here on Ala Ilima St. Last night on the news I watched repairmen frantically trying to fix downed power lines. Power lines collapsed not only because of the strong winds but also because of the debris that fell on them. Looking at some of the lines it is obvious why they failed. They are surrounded and sometimes even run through huge trees. One of the guys interviewed said they havn't had winds like this "in a long time" so they weren't prepared to deal with the aftermath.

Look, douche bags, it doesn't take that much foresight to know if trees are trimmed to allow power lines to run through them that the chances of the lines collapsing increase significantly.

A coworker of mine is a commissioned police officer with the HPD. Granted, he is part of the Handicapped Driver Placard Enforcement Division and can only give out citations to assholes who park in blue parking stalls but his job brings him in close proximity of the ridiculousness of people who live here.

He was told by his boss that someone complained about recieving a ticket for illigally parking in a handicapped stall at the airport Post Office because he/she felt like they were being "stalked". That is the exact terminology the officer used.

My friend told his boss that he wasn't "stalking" anyone but sits in front of the Post Office and waits for people to illegaly park there. That's not stalking it is observing. Even the officer had to concede to that logic but still told my friend to "walk around". My friend then added, "So when I get stopped by an officer who is catching speeders with a radar gun I can protest that I was being stalked?"

The officer had no comment.

I find that when people are faced with logic and probing question here in the Aloha State that they freeze up; they obviously aren't used to people accepting lame answers and half baked explanations. My previous 'My 5 Cents' post shows more examples.

I have decided that for prosperity's sake I will keep periodic track on this blog of my Star Wars Galxies progress towards becoming a Jedi.

Dorky? Yes.

Necessary? Absolutely not.

Interesting in the least? Only if you think a toenail collection is interesting.


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