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November 3, 2004

Sigh of relief

That is an understatement. I am talking of course about my kidney stone I passed with my morning piss although the same type of relief was also felt when my wife came in this morning and woke me up with “Kerry 252; Bush 274”.

I listened to the talk radio this morning and the Conservative speakers were very humble and not gloating that Bush did win. I wonder if Kerry supporters would have reciprocated. There is something to this win far more important than just “My guy won. Hooray!” It falls into a much deeper category than the same feeling one gets when their team wins the Super Bowl. The American people sent a clear message to the Democrats and the leftists out there: We don’t like your ideas. Although your liberal mentality may have a hold on the media and movie stars it is not as popular as you would have us think.

I thank the leftist judges in Massachusetts, Kerry’s home state, who ruled against the teachers who were sued because their students thanked God for their teachers, parents, and schools. I thank the judges who rule against having the Ten Commandments remain in public places because it is a violation of a few people’s rights. Well, all you liberals just got your due. The majority of the United States is offended that you are offended and we fought back.

Liberal ideals were rejected. A man who spent his entire political career for a generation defaming and wiping his ass on the Vietnam Veterans was rejected. A man who marries into money to further his political agenda was rejected. A woman who makes the Wicked With of the North look like Betty Boop was rejected. A man who spent his professional career suing doctors was rejected. A political party that uses words like “help the poor”, “caring for people”, “government generosity”, and all those other nice words was rejected. These people were rejected because, although they have a lot of people brainwashed, there are more people in America who love liberty and freedom and voted in a President who will keep this nation safe.

No recounts, no shifty lawyers from either side muscling for an advantage. It was a fair win. Even with the Electoral College in the shitcan, where it should be, the popular vote was clear.

I listened to Kerry’s concession speech. He still bounces around like Tigger on crystal meth.

"I'm going to fight on for the people and the principles that I've stood for,"
Does this mean you will actually show up to vote on issues now that you aren’t running for President?

“We are required now to work together for the good of our country. In the days ahead, we must find common cause, we must join in common effort, without remorse or recrimination, without anger or rancour.”
Such a shame Senator that you have to rebuild what you‘ve worked so hard to destroy these last 7 months.

“Now more than ever, with our soldiers in harm's way, we must stand together and succeed in Iraq and win the war on terror.”
How did you plan on doing this, Senator Kerry, when you pledged to start bringing home troops in January?

You didn’t fool us this time like you did with two consecutive terms with Clinton. We are smarter and September 11th made us that way. We know better now.
It is a shame that so many people voted against Bush and not for Kerry. It is a shame that so many people bought into the sloganeering and parroting of liberal haranguers. Even in CA where Kerry won there were a big percentage of voters who voted Bush. Even in the state where Hollywood “activism” provides REAL entertainment there were a great many people who were not star struck and voted for the better man.

I could gloat very easily but I won’t do that because I would not enjoy the same from the Kerry supporters had he won. But every time I see a Kerry supporter I can’t help but to think of that laugh that one kid on The Simpson’s has. But don’t fret my liberal friends. I think Paris is throwing a pity party for all of you and I hear the guest speakers will be Arafat, Castro, a video cast by Hussein, Al-sadr, and the crazy asshole from North Korea. And don't worry all you Democrats; Hillary will probably be running in 2008.

I know it does no good to argue politics any more than arguing religion. They are both rooted in a deep personal conviction. I can only hope that, like in religion, after some serious soul searching, the liberals will see the folly in their party’s views. That their party has no real foundation of ideas but a reactive bandwagon of false hope they as desperately try snare people along for the ride.

To my new friend Andy in NYC who supported Kerry I extend a sincere handshake by written word. Thank you for intelligent conversation involving politics. I hope we can continue to satay in touch.

Oh, for those of you who have never seen a kidney or know the joy of passing one, here is my 5mm souvenier from my kidney. I affectionatly refer to it as "Kenny the Kidney Stone". Please click for a larger, more disturbing image.

Kenny 1

Kenny 2

God bless America.

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  1. Hey Greg! This is from your favorite sister-in-law EVER! (This is Lindsay, by the case you forgot who your favorite was.) I wanted to read your blog thing so I found it (in my mom's email) and then I started my own (ooh la la). I've decided that you are my absolute favorite person! I love reading about your days and I'm glad we share the same political beliefs because...that would just be bad if we didn't. Haha, okay well I hope you have a good day and I'll talk to you later!