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November 4, 2004

Stone Status

So for all of you interested in my kidney stones (see earlier post for pictures) I have a final update. This morning I passed the fourth one and although it was only 1/5 of the size of the behemoth I passed the other day my urethra still sent a clear message that it was not happy about it.

I am all pooped out on politics and I hope it will a long time before I post another commentary. It is just such a chore to talk about someting that is heartfelt and strongly defended by both sides. It is hard to change a mentality when both sides truly believe they are right. It very tiring on the mind to be sure.

I was watching Jon Stewart tonight and, unlike most people, not to gain any insight into a relevant topic of choice. I view that show as entertainment only but I have read many blogs that herald the political insight of that show. People, that is like me watching the Teletubbies to gain insight into art of special effects.

One thing that Stewart said, that probably made the liberals who watch his show ejaculate with the pleaure of using this line on their Republican Christian friends, was (paraphrased) "Why do the Christian Republicans use the word 'liberal elitists' when they think they are the only ones going to heaven?"

At first I thought that was a very good point and almost panicked trying to figure out a good rebuttal. I was interrupted by his guest William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, who said something to the effect, "Well, I'm Jewish I have my own views on that." Of course Stewart slid into a non-chalant backtrack of "I believe in good food. Don't our people really know how to eat?" Nice try John.

I think that there is a difference between Christians spreading their faith and "elitist" Democrats who think their programs are the only thing that will help America. And what about the Christian Democrats? Are they immune to bringing people to their faith without being considered "elitists"?

Bringing a person to Christianity has a positive influence in their life. Democrats fighting for more government programs that, in the end, hurt America is not an accurate parallel. I don't even think Stewart believes what he said but since he is obviously bitter that Bush won and his "Prelude to a Recount" show didn't happen he has all this material he has to get rid of.

Don't get me wrong, I love that show and John Stewart is smart guy with intelligent and thought provoking comments. I just think he "Dixie Chicks"-it and uses his show to send little jabs in his favor. His audience is overwhelmingly liberal because he gets the praise and affirmation he needs after he makes his comments.

So there goes my NOT making a commentary tonight. Although it wasn't political I guess, just social perhaps? So I do apologize to the readers of my blog (both of you), and promise to keep with the content you wait on pins and needles to read- my kidney stones, jackasses who make my life hell on my street, and the random assholes who entertain me with their stupidity. Aloha!

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