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November 17, 2004

Marine Shoots Iraqi Insurgent!

Say it isn't so!

Although I enjoy seeing Iraqi insurgents get their heads blown off I have to object to NBC's airing of this incident. I don not object out of supressing free speech but at the aftermath from the Muslim community that followed the airing.

Although I believe this Marine was is the right some Muslims are now harboring some (more?) anit-American sentiment. The Iraqi was killed inside a mosque, a Muslim holy place, after he was shooting at our forces. Where is the anti-insurgent outrage from the Muslim community when these holy places are used as chicken shit hideouts for the Muslim extremists?

Did NBC even think about the recoil from this airing or was it perceived as just another nail in the coffin of the Bush Administration's decision to invade this despoticly ruled country? I am beginning to wonder if the cronyism in the media is catching up to Saddam's level?

If you would like to read about the invasion from the camera man who shot the footage then please visit his blog. Yes, this freelancer videographer has time to keep up with his blog! His name is Kevin Sites and his coverage of the Fallujah invasion starts on his November 10th entry. Read it HERE

Unrelated blather section:
I also found this cartoon that really drives home the argument that Bush knew about September 11 before it happened. The really funny thing is that the Bush bashers just can't let it go.

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