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November 16, 2004

SWG Geek Out #1 *edited for brevity*

For all my friends on SWG whom I play with (too much as far as my wife is concerned!) here is the site about my character.

To those of you who have no clue as to what I am talking about let me fill you in as much as you care to be. Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) is referred to as a Massive Multi Online Player Game, or MMOPG. What does this mean? It means that this is't some solitaire game that can be played and paused at will. There is no PAUSE button on SWG and most of the "people" walking around oin the game are actual people somehwere in the world playing the same game you are. The are non-player characters (NPC) that do add to the atmosphere of the game and some can be attacked and some can't.

This will not be a technical breakdown of the game as most people who do not play won't give a crap. The people that do play don't want to read about it either. So here are the cold hard facts about my character, Smitser.

Faction: Rebel

Current Profession: Master Doctor, Teras Kasi Artist (Martial Arts profession)
Mastered Professions: Droid Engineer, Scout, Brawler, Smuggler, Medic, Merchant, Swordsman, Combat Medic, Pikeman, Squad Leader

The whole path to becoming a Jedi (why would you play SWG and not want to be a Jedi?) has been changed and now is an involved and well thought out process. It used to be a a mysterious grind of 5 professions that would unlock the Force. The developers finally made it a quest based system that is more in line with what a Jedi does. I don't recall Obi-wan making Luke grind out a Chef profession before attaining Padawan status.

Anyway, there are many phases to this Jedi grind and I am on a low tier. I am doing the village quests and need to unlock 5 more blocks to reach the Jedi trials. Of course before doing the trails I need to kill a Jedi buttwipe named Mellichae. This usualy take a lot of people because of the difficulty of the mission.

So how much longer until I get to this dude? Hereis the breakdown. Still awake?

I need 450,000 Jedi experience points (JXP) to finish my last block in the current tree I am working on. Three down, one to go then I have 4 more blocks in a new tree. Each tree is related to a specific skill. Right now I am working on completing the Melee Speed tree. Each block gives progressive speed bonuses to my fighting skills.

I am 3/4 complete with the required 450,000 JXP but it is a little more difficult than that to accumulate. For every creature I kill I get Unarmed Combat XP. This XP must be converted to Jedi XP at a 30:1 ratio. They don't make it easy do they?

I don't play everyday and I estimate that I will be ready for the trial in about 2 months.

Still awake? I don't blame you. So, the rest of these posts about SWG won't be AS boring as thisone. I just wanted to give a little background. Here is one of the first screenshots I took. This is what my self-made character looks like. It was taken while I was wandering around Mos Entha.

May the Force be with you!


  1. No baby, your wife is pissed because you've been playing SWG for over a year and are just as addicted to it now as you were when you started (if that's even possible). And your computer time isn't limited to SWG ;)

    9 hours a day on the computer does not a happy wife make :D


  2. Hmm, I don't know who this person is but you need to mind your own business lady!