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March 29, 2006

Evolution an all that jazz

I have been making many post of the theory of evolution and religious ties to that theory on Andy's blog the last few days. There has been some great discussion and I figured now would be the best time to make my own posts in this forum. Ironically, these topics were discussed a few days ago in my office so my references are handy.

I will not post all of the articles on my site because some are rather lengthy and I think poeple would end up skimming over them. Instead I will jsut post a thesis statement of the articles and link to them from my posts. I encourge readers to read the end notes at the end of each article.

I told Andy that Iu sualy do't like to talk about this kind of stuff not becuase I am afraid of reprisal or, as the kids say, getting pwnd, but becasue no matter how much evidence is proposed and discarded, most people alrady have their minds made up. To wit, I had believed most of my childhood and adult life that modern day birds came from dinosaurs. this seems plausible enough in that they really do look the same. Research and hard eveidence indicates otherwise.

Anyway, enjoy the next series of articles as I posted for my own edification and for me to link to on future discussions.

No, it's not being lazy, just front loading my sources!

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