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March 23, 2006

Military History in the Making & the Politics of War

I have to pass along a link to one of the most moving sites concerning the war in Iraq I have ever seen. This blog does not belong to a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative. It belongs to an Army Enlisted soldier who proclaims in his posts and his ongoing documentary that he is an American.

He is writing from Iraq while he plugs through a year-long deployment. It is some of the best and most brilliant writing that I have ever read- proof positive that the military is not full of mindless and uneducated pawns. I can only hope to reach the level of clarity and writing prowess Buck Sargent has mastered.

I have batted around the idea of making a sister blog to Alohadump and lift just an edge of the vale that surrounds the submarine force and our role in the military. Unfortunately, our missions and operations are so clandestine that the blog would just contain vague references and sea stories, hardly on a level designed to inform.

I anxiously await the release of his movie.

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