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March 1, 2006

Runway nightmares

No, this isn't an article about underweight supermodels. My best friend Jeff sent me this pictures of airport runways that probably make pilots drop a deuce on their approach. Jeff has been a pilot about as long as I have live here in Hawaii- and he still hasn't come to see me!

Click on the images to enlarge.


  1. is one of my all-time favorite sites! Those are all great shots...I particularly always enjoy the ones that get sent in from St. Maarten, where there is a tiny beach at the end of the runway. Sometimes it looks as if the bathers have to duck out of the way of the Air France and KLM 747s that come through. Have you seen the videos from Hong Kong's old Kai Tak airport? Some SCARY stuff...this one is probably my favorite.

  2. That video is insane! I wonder if that is the normal approach path or if he was doing some serious compensating.

    My step-dad has his pilot's license and I remember him showing his brother and I a picture in Flying magazine of a cockpit view of a rdio tower coming out of some heavy fog at night. It was an artists rendition but they were both laughing like they had been there, done that.