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March 29, 2006

Evolution: A Chemist's Nightmare #1

Is the Chemical Origin of Life (Abiogenesis) a Realistic Scenario?
by Rich Deem

There are only two possibilities for the existence of life:
1. Chance assembly of life from chemicals
2. There is a Creator who designed biological systems

If you deny the existence of a Creator, scientific studies demonstrate that you must believe each of the following things about the origin of life (short list):

Homochirality somehow arose in the sugars and amino acids of prebiotic soups, although there is no mechanism by which this can occur and is, in fact, prohibited by the second law of thermodynamics (law of entropy).
Solution: Reject the second law of thermodynamics

In the absence of enzymes, there is no chemical reaction that produces the sugar ribose, the "backbone" of RNA and DNA.
Solution: Accept "science of the gaps" theory

Comparison of the dates of meteor impacts on the moon, Mercury, and Mars indicate that at least 30 catastrophic meteor impacts must have occurred on the earth from 3.8 to 3.5 billion years ago. These impacts were of such large size that the energy released would have vaporized the entirety of the earth's oceans, destroying all life.
Solution:Life spontaneously arose by chance at least 30 separate times, each within a period of ~10 million years.

And evolutionist say it takes a lot of faith to believe in crationism!

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