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March 30, 2006

A Nation in Distress

The first time I ever saw an American flag hung upside down was when I was stationed on my first submarine and the guy raising the flag during morning colors just screwed it up and raised it about halfway up before the Duty Chief yelled at him form the brow to reverse the direction. The young sailor was also shat upon by the people who saw the event.

The kids at Montebello H.S. in CA not only raised the Mexican flag above our own ensign, an illegal act according to the laws relating to Old Glory, but also had the American flag hung upside down. There is no doubt that when looking at the photos of the event the flag raising that it was done in spite and contempt for our colors. Unwittingly, these jackasses did two things:

1. Displayed their ignorance of flying the flag. An upside down flag indicates distress (US Flag Code Section 8a). In an allegorical context, they have reinforced the illigal immigration issue in that the United States is in distress by the very flag that flew above it.

2. Pushed people away from their point of view. If they are attempting to gain support by disrespecting the very flag which represents the nation illigals are coming to then they are defeating their own cause.

I support people's right to protest but for crying out loud, do some research so that you don't look like a bunch of assclowns in the process.

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