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April 24, 2006

106th Annual Sub Ball

Friday, April 21 was the 106th annual Submarine Birthday Ball, and event that celebrates the history of the U.S. submarine force with a good program, dinner, drinking, throwing up, mingling with old friends, more drinking and dancing.

The program has been the same for the last 18 years: a guest speaker drones on about something related to submarine history and then a Command Master Chief, who acts as the MC, then introduces all the Chief of the Boats (COB) on the waterfront. It is a recognition ceremony consisting of the COB’s standing in front of the masses. You can tell who the really good COB’s are because the crew carries them in their chair to the stage- it resembles more of a Bar Mitz Vah.

USS LOUISVILLE Chief of the Boat

Preceding dinner was the tolling of the bells performed by a surviving WWII submarine veteran. A bell is rung once as each of the WWII submarine lost in the war is announced. A slide show runs as the names are called showing the sub and members of the crew. It is a somber time that gives us cause to reflect on the sacrifices of real submariners. You could hear a pin drop. Sadly, as the years go by, fewer of the vets are seen at the Sub Ball.

Our office made a centerpiece consisting of a mannequin head wearing a ball cap and headphones. It was an abomination but fun to make. Unfortunately, it was left at the table when everyone left so we are out a $40 head and my ball cap. Oh well, we will just have to treasure the pictures of it instead.

I brought my camera and took a lot of shots of drunk sailors, a fat chick’s dream come true, but the shots taken by friends were blurred beyond recognition- a testament to the precept that you cannot make anything sailor-proof, because even a drunk squid can fuck up an auto focus camera if given the chance.

Shooting the flask. The next picture of her looked like she just licked a shitcicle.

The Sonar table center piece. If you are wondering about the arrow through the head, it isn't a cheap Steve Martin rip-off, it is an anthropomorphic rendition of our rating insignia.

Plenty of cake, cock, and conversation at the Sub Ball.

Navy's finest.

A little improv.



  1. uh, HOT SAILORS! You're in my blogroll too! Thanks for your kind words. :)

  2. Loved your Sub Ball photos. Those would look great in a NavyRackPack (my husband just left the Minneapolis-St.Paul), where we came up with NavyRackPacks to give everybody a better night's sleep!

  3. Right on, a little shameless self-promotion on Aloha Dump. Although I am off boats forever I'll give it a looksy and pass the site on to my less than fortunate friends who will be returning to sea.