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April 2, 2006

Rain, rain, go away

After 42 consecutive days of rain, flash floods, mudslides, and such this weekend finally gave a little reprieve. I packed the family up and we headed to Hickam beach. We had barely gotten our feet wet and started to feel the warm sun when the lifeguards kicked everybody off the beach because of the a thunderstorm warning.

I had seen lightning and heard thunder in the mountains as we arrived at the beach but didn't think much of it- it looked like it was going to be just a typical afternoon mauka shower. We ate at the Sand Bar and Grill next to the beach and waited for the rain to hit.

It never did. People were back on the beach and if we had brought another water proof diaper for the bambino we would have given it another shot. But I had an extended belly from the kalua pork sandwich I just woofed down.

I'm certainly not having a pity party here or ask for any sympathy- I live in Hawaii for crying out loud and beach-going is a daily event at least on some part of the island. But after 42 straight days of rain, enough already! I'm starting to look like a tourist with my pasty white skin.

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