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April 4, 2006

The trump

Rep. Cynthia McKinney has been in the news for a while now after she threw her cell phone at an officer who would not let her enter the Capitol building with her identification.

There are 2 things wrong with that. Number one, you don't throw shit at people. Number two, bring your freakin I.D. with you, asshole.

I work on a military base and there is absolutely no reason for htem to admit anyone onto base with out their miltitary I.D. AAMOF, I was pulled into the search area by an officer whom I had met a few days earlier. She asked for my I.D. driver's license, insurance, registration, and safety inspection. I am quite sure that I would have been refused access to base if I had been lacking any one of those items.

This woman works in a government building and her defense for not having her credentials is that the officer should have recognized her. Say, what? Even if that is true, it is a requirement to have identification to enter that bilding. Period.

Instead of just accepting and admitting to the public that she acted inappropriately and should not have expected preferential treatment she played the race card. McKinney and her lawyers appeared on CNN and turned everything Blitzer said into a race issue, dodging questions and making themselves out to be Johnny Cochran reincarnated. Here is a clip of the interview.

Fuck them and fuck McKinney. Her pride is turning this into a circus. She has as much business getting in to her building as a black congress woman without the required credentials as I do trying to get on base as a peon E-6 without mine.


  1. I completely agree. Anyone who works for the Federal Government who doesn't take security procedures seriously does not understand the world in which we live. It might occasionally be a hassle and an inconvenience, but this is a democracy: we inconvenience everyone, we don't make special exceptions for dingbat elected officials who forget their ID. Book her.