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April 10, 2006


It has been a few days since I have posted anything, party because I have been on other blogs giving my two cents, but also because I am working on a segment I will call "This day last year".

I was stationed on the USS LOUISVILLE and I a kept meticulous journal, mainly for my upcoming book when I retire, but also to keep track of all the fuck jobs I got throughout my career. It seems the human mind is very resilient to psychological pain and tends to forget the bad stuff, especially when it comes to submarine life.

I aspire to write a no-shit account of my Navy career through the eyes of a submariner- stuff that Tom Clancy only bullshits about and has no real idea of how things really work on a boat.

So, anyway, I will kick off this project tomorrow. I am working on a recount of an underway last March where we were gone for the entire month, nice of them to do that to us right before we deployed for 6 months, and did some exercises off of San Diego.

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