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April 17, 2006

All this water and not a drop to swim in

One thing that sea duty restricts but shore duty allows for is time off. The duty-free weekends are plentiful and calls to come to work are almost non-existent.

I took the fam to North Shore Saturday for some beach time and a cookout. We arrived earlier than normal and I was starting to worry about the status of the beach; we had passed a small sign posted next to a beach access point that had the word “sewage” on it.

The lady at the mini-mart told my wife that there was in fact a sewage spill, more like a slick from the looks of it, but that the Department of Health said the bacteria levels were ok in this small stretch of beach but that no locals would be found in the water. She also said if you do get in the water to drink 2 gallons of orange juice to ward off any potential infections. Two gallons? What if I just drank 1.8 gallons, would that be ok? These are the same people who told me to feed my kid poi to get him up to speed on the age/weight chart.

We had the cookout and built sand castles but didn’t get in the water. Sometimes playing it safe outweighs the call for frolic.

Burned some flicks
My wife watched Brokeback Mountain while I played my computer game. I glanced over a few times and caught the gist of the movie. It wasn’t a gay fest and the brothel scene in Caligula had more graphic imagery than this movie. BBM reminded me of Alien- you never really saw the alien kill the people on that ship, but you knew something bad happened to them. After “watching” this movie I became even more pissed that It’s Hard to be a Pimp won best score. I loved the guitar and downloaded the tab to learn the song. It took me about a half hour of playing to nail it.

But it is still about gay cowboys.

Last night my wife and I watched Capote and I must say that was the longest hour and forty minutes of my life. I would rate that flick as just “OK” but more than that if reaffirmed my notion that the Oscar nominated movies are a load of crap- some are good and some are bad and I’ll just use my gut to determine which movies I will go see.

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