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April 14, 2006

Today in history (playing catch-up)

12 APRIL 2005

- Got relieved at 0200 this morning and was up for a fire drill at ~0730; for once they started the drill sets on time.

- Had the 1130-1530 watch. Absolutely nothing going on in sonar. Half of it is down for the nuke drills coming up.

- Sonar is acting funny after the nuke drills, something about losing power without notice- for ump-teenth time. When will these fuckers learn you can't just cut power to a multi-million dollar sonar system and not fry components. I bet they don't just pull the plug on their computers at home to turn them off. If the taxpayers knew how much money they spent on all the sonar systems in the submarine force because of this ridiculousness they would beat every C.O. with a rubber hose on sight.

- Well, it seems the powers that be can't keep the egg off their face. Stressing the shit out of the crew and the shipboard equipment has now resulted in a real fire. There was just a 1MC announcement from the C.O. about whether or not we are going to pull in.

- Squadron told us to get the hell in port. So we are pulling unexpectedly and, what a surprise, I have duty.

13 APRIL 2005

- Another kick to the balls, I have the 0230-0730 watch which means I will only get a few hours of sleep before we pull in. Since I have duty today I just not count of getting any sleep today at all.

- Nobody can leave the boat until we get the word on what we are going to do about the fire. Hurry up and wait, aye.

- Well, we are going to head over to another pier tomorrow to get the damaged equipment taken care of. Of course our whole underway has been cancelled and we will go critical on the reactor to move the boat 400 yards. Normally we would just deadstick~

Author's note:
Deadstick- Moving the ship by use of tug boats. The reactor is shut down and the ship snorkels for light electrical loads. It isn't as hard on the nukes and they get to take a break for a change.

~ but this C.O. would rather stress the crew. "That's not how submarines operate!" Right, well we've seen what happens when we operate the boat under your methods- we have fires.

- To further stress the crew, nobody is allowed to go home today and must stay onboard until the berth shift. Well, the hotrackers are allowed to go home but everyone else must tell their families to suck it up and miss one more night of sleeping with their spouse in the 2 weeks we have left in port before our 6 month deployment.

*Author's note:
Hotracking- a term used to describe the sleeping arrangements unique to a submarine. There are only 91 racks for E-7 and below to occupy but there are about 100 of these guys onboard. This number doesn't include extra people that ride the submarine (inspectors, for example). So, the solution is to put more racks in the torpedo room but if that can't be done 3 people will share 2 racks. Each person is in a different section (1,2 or 3). When one is on watch the other 2 are in the rack (yeah, right) and then one of the two guys will relieve the one on watch, hence the racks never get cold- hotracking.

- To occupy our time today, since everyone is onboard, we will field the boat from 1600-1900. God forbid we should just be able to relax and take advantage of some down time.

- To calm the masses, it has been put out that Friday will now be a boat holiday. If you don't have duty you do not have to come to the boat. "Boat holidays" are the civilian equivalent of a blowjob after a huge fight. The girl knows she was wrong and put her husband/boyfriend through a load of bullshit so to compensate she blows him in an effort to try and erase the pain.

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