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May 3, 2007

Bush uses the People's Elbow to send Bill back to Pelosi

Pelosi’s smoke and mirrors bill was DOA as the G dub vetoed the shit out of it, as he appropriately promised the Democrats some time ago. I use the ‘smoke and mirrors’ metaphor because after reading the contents of her “bi-partisan” bill, it is nothing short of a bribe to her fellow Democrats, a sign of surrender to our troops, and a treaty with Bin Laden, Amadnejhad, and any other fanatic who wishes to do the United States harm.

The media are remiss in truly reporting the outright lies of the Democrats and their “We hate Bush more than all the other troublemakers in the world” mantra. Pelosi and her fellow lemmings report to exhaustion how fair the bill was and how the President ruled against Congress and the American people for vetoing this bill.

Bi-partisan? This thing barely passed with a 51-46 vote. Then again, the spread of votes only matters when the Democrats lose- if they squeak by that means the whole country is behind them; if they lose it’s Bush’s fault for rigging the votes. Joe Liebermann was the only one to stand against his party and vote against the bill.

It is apparent that this administration had no real plan after Saddham was overthrown for rebuilding the country. They figured the Japanese and Germans rebuilt their country after we kicked their ass so why wouldn’t the Iraqi’s do the same thing after being ruled by the cruelest dictatorship of the 20th century? The only thing that was more underestimated than the will of the insurgency was the will of the Democratic party in undermining any effort in trying to stabilize that country.

The veto was challenged by Congress but failed by a 222-203 vote- just shy of that pesky 2/3 requirement. Now the Democrats are scrambling to get another bill together, hopefully one that doesn’t include $23 billion in pork to bribe fellow Dems to vote for the bill, and come up with a compromise with the President. I have a gut feeling it won’t work either. The Dems seem to believe that a loss in Iraq is a victory for them; until that mindset is dispelled and they stop trying turning this war into another Vietnam, it will be increasingly difficult to secure a safe Iraq and bring our boys/girls home.

J.B. Williams wrote an article for New Media that sums up what this bill stands for in the eyes of the Democrats:

* They will travel around the globe to negotiate with known terror states and enemies of the U.S., Iran, Syria and North Korea, committing treason every step of the way. But they won’t cross the political aisle to negotiate with Bush.
* They will authorize funding for our troops, but only if they accept unconditional surrender in return for the money.
* If they don’t have legitimate support for their agenda in congress, they will buy it with pork barrel bribery.
* They have no commitment to the war on terror, let alone to supporting the difficult mission of standing up a free democratic Iraq.
* They dislike and distrust Bush and Cheney more than Bin Laden, Assad, Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong Ill.
* And there is clearly no price too high in their quest for control of all branches of the federal government.

Well, at least the media are reporting the whereabouts of Anna Nichol Smith’s baby.


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