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May 14, 2007

Military blogger wins cash prize

An American soldier's graphic account of his deployment in Iraq, detailing the firefights and frustrations of frontline life, has won a prize for books based on blogs, organisers said Monday.

Colby Buzzell's "My War: Killing Time In Iraq", the winner of this year's Lulu Blooker Prize, grew out of an online journal which he started in 2004 while serving as a machine-gunner based in Mosul, northern Iraq.

The blog ran for just eight weeks before being shut down by the US military, but by then it had been widely picked up by the media and publishers offered Buzzell a book deal when he left the army in 2005.
Here is an animated sequence of one of Buzzell's stories. It is very chilling and something a lot of our soldiers have no doubt gone through.

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  1. Chilling is the right word - Puts you right inside his head.