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May 7, 2007

Hawaii Racism kept alive via radio host

Hawaii Senate Majority Leader Gary Hooser (D- 7th; Kauii, Niiihau)had an on-air interview with Perry and Price, one of Hawaii's oldest talk show programs. In the wake of the Waikele parking lot beatings and the bad press this state has received in recent months concerning racism, Larry Price thought it would be a good idea to bring up Senator Hooser's ethinicity as it relates to helping the State and other irrelevancies. Here is the transcript:
Price: "You keep using the word 'honest' senator; where you from?"

Hooser: "Where am I from? Kapa'a."

Price: "Yeah, where were you born and raised?"

Hooser: "I was born in California. I graduated high school at Radford High School."

Price: "You got blue eyes?"

Hooser: "(Laughs) I do. Does that matter?"

Price: "Yes, to us it does. Because when local people hear somebody from the Mainland talk about how honest everything is that means that something's wrong. You know when they say 'frankly' or 'honestly' we did a lot of things, you know and stuff like that, that sounds suspicious."

Hooser: "You know, I don't really appreciate a reference to where I'm from, from California, or my blue eyes, Mr. Price."

Price: "Well I don't care what you think."

There are so many things wrong in that blockquote that it is really hard to find a starting point in which to make Price look like the ass he is. He does a pretty good job without any help.

I have spoken on this subject many times- people who make race the first and only issue- and how this type of narrowminded thinking so easily infects like minded people. So, Larry Price has something against haole's? Eye color makes a difference in validating one's character? Let's take a look at Price's biography from the KSSK website:

Broadcasting degrees - USC (5 years) and Stanford (6 years); he also went to a local college, Univeristy of Hawaii Manoa for 9 years. 20 years of school for a degree in broadcasting? I hope there is more to this than what the numbers say. Most doctors have 4 years undergrad, 4 years medical school, then 3-5 internship. Price had more schooling than a doctor to get a degree in broadcasting? He makes Van Wilder look like an overachiever. I wonder how many haole's Price came across during his schooling on the mainland- must have been an emotional roller coaster for him.

Other jobs - Price is an assistant MBA professor at Chaminade. I feel a little better about his schooling now, but I hope that his disdain for eye color and birth place isn't indoctrinated to his students. We have enough problems with liberal teachers poisoning thier students minds with political ideas without having to hear racist overtones. I thought that Price's side job as a Color Commentator for Oceanic cable was ironic.

Price also writes for the MidWeek, a local paper with 250k circulation. His mediocre writing should be confined to this paper as his columns are budding from his radio show. Price supports drug testing for all parents who want to put their kids in public school, beleives Iwalai White was denied her position on the Public Safety Committee becuase she is Hawaiian and a woman, and hailed the "public humiliation" of Peter Young by a "Democratic controlled senate". There is a distinct pattern that aligns so flawlessly with the rest of the liberal agenda.

Although Price pulled a mini-Imus, his slip up cause a big stir with the people of Hawaii, eye color notwithstanding. Hooser had this to say, and it refelcted my thinking, "I've lived in this state for 37 years and my kids were born here. It's insulting."

I have lived here for 15 years and 3 of my children were born here. But, in Price's brown eye's, they will not embody the aloha spirit because they have light skin, light colored hair, and blue eyes.

But the nail in the coffin for Price, when faced with a logical follow question to an illogical line of questioning, was when he said, "I don't care what you think." So typical of the tolerant left, that it is probably just a Pavlovian response. I wonder if there will be as much local outcry here for this jackass to leave his radio show as there was for Imus' off color remarks.


  1. Price seems to tend towards messing up what he says on air. I listen to them every morning from 0530 till start of shift. The statement he made is put into context here: Perry and Price were being critical of our Democrat-led Senate, and in this case called the Majority Leader (Hooser) out for telling a Republican Senator that he (Hemmings) lived on Oahu and didn't know anything about Kauai. Price could've illustrated the hypocrisy a lot better but instead flubbed it up royally with the blue-eyes comment. Too bad... it could have been a point well made (to be ignored by the generally liberal media and population), but instead he screwed up and it was blown up by the same media. Perry has a good point at the end of the article in the link. And thus, nothing much has improved in the 30-odd years I've lived here.

  2. I did read something similar to that transcript but even in context Price wasn't fumbling around for words. I think he said exactly what he felt.

    I do, however see the ridiculousness in one senator from one island claiming a senator from a neighboring island is disconnected. It seems even in Hawaii the islands can seem as distant as the shore of California.

  3. Thank you for highlighting the racism. Some don't want to even admit it exists. I've had broken bones, many friends who've also been assaulted, and know the family of someone who had his head caved in, all by racist local Asians, all against "haoles", all for no reason. This Hawaii racism needs to be flagged at every moment because most of the time it is much more subtle, but then when people drink or get upset it ends up in senseless assaults and violence -- and the HPD police doing NOTHING to help Haole victims. People should file HCRC complaints every time it happens. This is America, or we should withdraw federal dollars for everything from military, medicaid, medicare, SSD, SSI, Grants, University dollars, and see how they survive without haole money. There is never any appreciation for the fact the US saved Hawaii from being slaves to the Imperial Japanese Empire (not a real nice place), Communist China, and the USSR. The liberal US bashers should talk about those things too.

    1. What is interesting about your stance is i agree any racism isn't ok. But what I am baffled about is how much discussion, protest and uproar is caused by the word haole or assaults against white people in Hawai'i when it effects white people. But there is never talk story of the 100 years of racism from haoles against locals or Native Hawaiians on the islands. Hawaii has a history of racist politics,economics and social norms. All one has to do is know Hawai'i's history starting with simple events like the overthrow of the monarch, missionaries, plantation years, sand island and the Massey trial are just a few overt examples of a history of racism. Look at our home today, Does it look like Hawai'i of prior generation s? Or does it look like the mainland ideal version of paradise? I'm a US citizen and I've served in the military and protectted it's freedom but I'm not going to ignore the 100 of years that America and a few choice people have benefited most from actions of the past in Hawai'i.

    2. There is a difference between recognizing it and dwelling on it.

  4. Here is a good one. Larry coached a UH. Hated the Haole player. Always a chip his shoulder. He once said to me. " You know I don't like good looking guys with nice bodies. I bet you don't like ugly people do you?" I'm thinking, gee coach don't know what to say to that one. Guess you don't like me. Let me introduce you to some ugly men for a date. Possible gay tendencies? This out of the mouth of a the coach. Wow. Heard he finally ran the football program into the ground and they chased him off. When he was asked what he thought about George Wallace being shot, his response was" Who?" Larry Price- Biggest Racist I ever met.

  5. It is amazing to me that Larry Price is tolerated in a society that loves to bash the racist. The man clearly is one, yet he continues his haole hating ways. At U.H. he hated the white player. The comment to the state senator and his other racist comments are noted. His Doctor status that he loves to put in front of his name is a joke. Reminds me of the scare crow in the Wizard of Oz. How long did he go to school to get this PHD? A career student and still ignorant. The use of Doctor by him is an insult to the real doctors of the world. This guy needs to go. Your Fired! (Well, only if I was his boss. or Donald Trump} By the way, someone should check Mr. Price's ancestry. I believe you will find much white there. Sorry, just ruined his Haole hating platform. The melting pot just got more melted.