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August 22, 2006

File Under: "I couldn't have said it any better"

Excerpt from Banagor's site. Read the whole thing here.

"No, all Iran has to do is wait, as does Syria, and whatever passes for the emergence in Iraq. And then Europe will fall, someday, and the face of a new god will take it’s place within the hallowed cathedrals of liberalism. It is already happening, slowly but surely. The shields which we have put up are of no use without an offensive thrust. All the enemy has to do is slowly chip away at that shield to make it crumble in time. Europe - the West - is like an unhorsed knight, cowering on the ground, holding a shield above his face. And the Muslim world is standing over him, slamming a scimitar down on that shield, knowing that no counter-thrust will ever come, knowing that steel only has so much strength before it shatters. Europe has encased itself in an armor which will do it no good, and so have we. And when they fall, and when Israel falls, we are next. We will be the last, but it will come. Perhaps when we see Europe fall, we will change our mind. Or perhaps if Iran decides no longer to be patient, we will react. But I don’t see it happening right away."

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