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August 23, 2006

Solving Hawaii's Homeless Problem

I am compelled to write this entry because of a string of homeless conversation that has been happening over the last 4 days. I had a class Saturday, although I did not attend I had a very good reason- I was on the Big Island taking pictures of the lava flow. A groupmember emailed me the brainstorming outcome of the day and it was "Removing the homeless from Oahu beaches". I thought it to be an unchallenging and dry topic.

Yesterday, I read and commented on Doug TenNapel's site on an entry where he discusses an encounter with a crazed homeless person. There were some news segments about the homeless in Hawaii because of the torrential rain we had a few weeks ago and various other issues of the homeless.

Although it is crude, cruel, dispecable and heartless I have a plan to rid Hawaii of its homeless, thus relieving the social and financial burdens the homeless place on the residents and visitors of this island paradise.

The US Navy has a graveyard of outdated ships just rusting away in West Loch. Give the bums their own ship so they can make use of the staterooms and bunkrooms.

In the middle of the night, tow the ship outside the 12 mile limit and use live ordinance to sink it.

1. There will be another artificial reef to promote and sutain sea life.

2. Space will be freed up in the harbor for commercial and residential development.

3. No more insane homeless.

4. The Navy gets weapons proficiency.

It's a win-win proposition.


  1. Are you sure you're not a socialist?

  2. If any donations are needed for this plan, I'm in!


  3. LOL, the letters I had to type in for the 'word verification' were 'fucubub' LOLOL!!!!


  4. No, not a socialist, just someone who is offering some critical analysis with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

    I know we accept the poor, the homeless, the downtrodden, but for crying out loud do they have to take that creed seriously?

    I understand there are people who just have bad luck- Katrina victims, Enron employees- and are forced on the street. Then there are the insane people who seem to make up 98% of the bums I see around here, especially on Fort Street Mall, who should be taken off the street.

    Tough problems to be sure and I really think that there will be not long lasting tangible way to really help these people.

  5. LOL, the letters I had to type in for the 'word verification' were 'fucubub'

    I always try to have my word verification reflect my thoughts concerning my posts. I have to pay extra for that.

  6. I actually think you have a seriously good notion about sending the transients to an island (I know, you said a ship, but same idea). It would be an island of transients where, in order to survive, they would have to use the resources around them and create a civilization. This would be their last shot at life- a second chance. No wasting government funds, no dumping the garbage of humankind on our fair cities- just letting people who don't belong in a city live where they can live off the land.

  7. Your island scnario would do little more than my tongue-in-cheek Death Cruise.

    People just can't 'live off the land' after being dumped in the middle of nowhere. I remember going fishing with a guy who didn't know how to bait a hook let alone clean the fish. Can you imagine a bum trying to kill and clean a deer?

    I am convinced that your idea would end up being a very bad Isle of Dr. Morrow except instead of being the aftermath of a mad scientists experiment the occupants would be the cast-asides of a poorly executed social experiment.

  8. Worst case scenario: we are forced to supply them with rice and beans for basic nourishment. Do you know how much rice and beans cost?

    An added plus: because it is an island, no alcohol, no drugs and no tobacco can be given to the hobos.

  9. I must confess that in the subway a few days ago, I had the wildly uncharitable thought that the homeless/unemployed ought to be forcibly employed in some sector of the armed forces, sent abroad to fight for the land that would previously permit and subsidise their idling. It's been done before... (My main problem with this idea is that their incompetence would endanger our brave men & women in uniform who've chosen to be there, and frankly, they've got enough stacked against them.)