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August 14, 2006

WESTPAC 2005 entry

AUGUST 14, 2005
1200-1800 watch

- Pretty good lunch oncoming: fried chicken, mashed potatoes. For once the cooks didn't turn something from the Y. Hata food delivery truck into something not fit for human consumption. Reminds me of a box of meat when I was on the L.A. that we started to pass to the boat via the human chain gang that read, "Rejected. US Air Force". I wish I was making that up. I think that was the same stores load that two machinists were power puking off the brow just to see who could get the most distance. Anyway, the meat was conveniently, but 'accidentally', dropped over the side before reaching belowdecks, as is every box of frozen brusselsprouts.

- I got up early before watch, 0700 or so, and took a shower. I haven't been sleeping oncoming lately. To keep myself occupied I stay in the time machine, a.k.a. my rack, and play Star Wars Battlefront on my PS2. I picked it up in Guam and it fits sooooo nicely in my rack. I had to commandeer an outlet but nobody seems to mind. Now I just need to find somebody with a library of DVD porn.

- Matagna and Moon had to dive the sonar sphere to get the Halfway Night boxes. Nothing like crawling down a 15 foot tube while at 500 feet below the surface of the water with nothing between you and the crushing depths but a piece of glass reinforced plastic. At least this time the boxes weren't covered in propulsion lube oil like on WESTPAC 2001. Ahh, sweet L.A. memories.

-We are having T-bone steaks for dinner. Let's hope the cooks will be 2 for 2 and not screw the steaks up.

- For some reason, after returning from a head call, the section is talking about when they shit their pants in public places. Bartha in 2nd grade, Hanthorn in a bar in Puerto Rico and Matagna in the first grade. Sadly, I had nothing to contribute to that conversation.

1930 The cooks burned the steaks beyond all recognition. I think they put them in the reactor compartment. At least the undercooked baked potatoes made up for it. I ended up using some of my rack rations- good old microwave Mac & Cheese.


  1. TK -- Are you saying the sonar sphere is made of GRP?

  2. I'll have to blog about the time I filled, yes, filled my tighty whities on the way in on my last patrol because I didn't make it down from the bridge in time from smoking my "victory" cigar - AND NO ONE EVER FOUND OUT! And that's a NO SHITTER!

  3. Looks like it's public knowledge that GRP is indeed used:

  4. Anonymous,
    There's no question that the bow dome is made of GRP; my good-natured snark was that T.K. seemed to be saying that going into the sphere meant that only the GRP dome was between them and sea pressure; he forgot from his quals that the bow dome is a free flood area, so the actual pressure boundary is the sonar sphere itself, which is most decidedly not made of GRP.

  5. Yes, there is actually a few hundred transducers and the metal of the sphere between us and actual sea pressure but I was assuming I was not talking to a bunch of nukes.

    My bad!

  6. Bubblehead,

    My apologies - I took your initial response as you suggesting that TK was giving out information that would be considered 'not for public eyes'.

    I assumed from TK's post that there couldn't possibly be ONLY GRP between them and the sea, at least one would hope!