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August 9, 2006

Mad Max alive and well

Forgive my tardiness to this latest edition of idiotic Hollywood news but I just returned from a well needed vaction. My wife shows a picture of Gibson's arrest photo from a little over a week ago and begins to fill me in on the Road Warrior's latest stunt.
I do find it comical that Gibson uses his bedroom eyes in his mugshot but not as hilarious as his 'sweet tits' comment to an arresting female officer. Guess blowing a .12 really does impaire one's judgement.

Again, I am a Johnny-come-lately but for the benefit of both my readers please indulge me. I don't want to get into specifics because it really is old news but I do have a few thoughts on the subject.

It just amazes me how the South Park boys really do get it right sometimes. They ran a parody called "Passion of the Jew" in 2004 and reran the episode in true SP tackiness after the news of Gibson's arrest was made public.

Tom Cruise is relievd a Hollywood jackass has taken the spotlight off of his own wierdness.

In Vino Veritas, Mr. Gibson. For those of you a little light on the Latin, it is one of the phrases that you looked up after the scene in Tombstone between Doc Holiday and Johnny Ringo.

Veteran comedian, Bill Cosby, talked of the ills of alcohol when he told of its ability to accentuate your personality.

"But what if you're an asshole?"

If you will forgive my entertainmnet industry quotes in rapid succession, I have another one that the Jew filled industry can provide a parallel to in Gibson's circumstance:

"And let your true colors come shining through" - Cindi Lauper

As drunk as I have been in my 19 years of naval service, bigotry and hate speech were never part of my drunken tirads. My buddies would tell me to shut up if I got out of hand. Interestingly, is the shocking silence of Gibson's Hollywood buddies in the biz. Oh a few have come to his aid and some are crying for his crucifixtion to be sure, but not on the level if, say, he had said something anti-gay or anti-black. Hollywood would have put on the warpaint with Rob "Long Shanks" Schnieder leading the frontal assault.

Oh well, just another chapter in the Hollywood annuls of "Who Gives a Shit" news. I will finish this up with a quote from Susan Estrich of the Sun News:
Will they forgive him? Will they help him?

Why bother? One word. It has nothing to do with sympathy, sickness or anything else of that nature. Money. Greed. Or in polite company, business.

Alcoholism is a disease, but hatred is a curse. Alcoholics deserve help. Haters deserve to be shunned, dropped, dismissed, ties severed. Is there another word?

Why is this so hard in Hollywood? Is it because the competition doesn't have any values either?
That last question just has to be rhetorical.

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