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August 25, 2006

R.I. Trooper under ACLU's nose

Last month a Rhode Island State Trooper pulled over a van that had not signaled a lane change. When he asked for identification only a few could provide. The Tropper then asked for green cards and none of them could provide. Immigration was involved and it turns out all 14 people were in the country illegally. Here is what the driver of the van, who is an illegal, had to say about the stop:
"We believe that our van was pulled over, at least in part, because of our ethnicity. As passengers, we also object that we were required to provide identification and asked about our immigration status, even though we had done nothing wrong. We do not think the trooper had any right to force us to go to ICE headquarters. We believe we were treated unfairly."
Wow, it doesn't take long for them to figure out when to use the race card.

Of course the ACLU is jumping all over this case and pointing their fingers at the cop in a defiant posture while coddling the illegals. The only thing that would have made the ACLU spew in their underwear is if the illegals were terrorists. Those ACLU clown sure know how to piss on the flag.

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